by Stranger Killings

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LAY FIGURE / DRESS FORM is a work in progress, with a projected total of ten songs. The remaining songs will be posted here piecemeal as they are completed.


released March 25, 2016

Jessica Hulbert: paper percussion
Stranger Killings: all others



all rights reserved


Stranger Killings Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: command and compliance
Command and Compliance

God is a tapestry woven from terror
Command and compliance
Divide and conquer
I’m just a garland of error
A filthy tongue could never speak these words
Was it god
Was it god
Who set fire to all these birds
Was it god who spoke these words
A litany of shame and accusation
Every bone and brace is faulted
The church of all bodies is vaulted
Hymnals of weakness ring there
And rest there deep in the chest
It speaks of things uneven
And when it sings it sings of heaven
And when it screams it screams of penance
Everything shines
Everything shines
Everything shivers in ecstasy
Every eye is clouded
Every form is shrouded
And every action is guided by command
All dissenting will subverted
All caving in and crawling in compliance
Command and compliance/ i’m crawling up the rib of adam into the mouth of the seventh mansion
Is that mother
Is that god
I am engaged
I am engaged
With a wedding band of blood
With a wedding band of lead
All proof of my engagement
These grateful hands are my commitment
He commands
She commands
They command
And I am compliant
When he commands
When she commands
When they command
I am compliant

Dim light guides the eye
To the ravishing lip and cheek
The pallid love of pale blush
Spit blood like curses
Breath with broken bellows
Sigh like drowning cellos
The wasting cause of expiring beauty
Clinging fully to a flower of evening
That will die in the morning

The enviable ill
The vain consumptive

And haunted visage
Pale and drawn with thin lines and soft brushes
Laying low in the boughs of a cypress
Lying low in the arms of nightfall
And rising at the moon’s call
Just to be called down to the dirt by the dawn
And on to the rack of a tortured lung
But rouge will come to features softened
And keep us young till we rest in our coffins
Down in the depths of comely perfection
In a dress of decay
Take a dance with the dying
A dalliance with a spectral reflection
A trist that ends with a funeral procession

Laid low to the knees
The enviable disease
A staggering beauty not long to live
The hunger, the yearning, the bed sheets all burning
In the wake of the vain consumptive