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released March 4, 2016

Alec Yoshizumi: drums, percussion
Badger: Bass
Stranger Killings: all others



all rights reserved


Stranger Killings Portland, Oregon

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pale neighbor.

Lips and eyes are air and light.
Negatives filled with night.
In long limb he comes.
His hands full of a space where there should be a knife.

So I will turn to my pale neighbor and he will give me an ending.
and I will die without grace
no ghosts of memory
no pale recollection of what once was a face

how did this story get so strange.
I will bleed for a whisper of prophecy.
they will crash cars into me.
they will open negative stars in me.

So I will turn to my pale neighbor, and he will give me anti-light
and i will die in the shade of his negative sight
no spectre of flesh
no frame of bone
to the night i am nothing
to the day i’m unknown

they will torture my shade.
I am drawn in thick lines.
I am heavy, and dumb with my pale throat defined.
from beneath the hedge.
from outside the light.
turning the corner kills me every time.

i turn to my pale neighbor and i am filled with anti blood
i am unborn
i am unmourned
i am less than the shadow of the lowliest stone
to the night i am nothing
to the day i’m unknown
What Leaves Us

our guns jammed
or we never pulled the triggers
i can’t remember
but it doesn’t matter now
snow falls before the light

we dance in circles
and its circles we leave in the snow
your hands are in mine now
we breath courage into clouds
that smother the light
and leave us where we were meant to be
the snow is ermine that you’ve thrown over your shoulder
fear leaves us in time with our hearts
and struggle runs down our wrists like ribbons
i may have wept once, but not today
the shame that leaves my body mixes with the melt
and you’ve never been more beautiful
cherry blossoms spilling
as you dance in circles in the snow

what leaves us is what frees us
your hands are in mine now
and the snow is ermine that we’ve thrown around our throats
shame runs down our wrists like ribbons
i take your waist in my hands
as both our hearts slow
and you’ve never been more beautiful
dancing circles in the snow

there was pain once
but i can’t remember now
because i know the way to go
your smile puts me on the path to the only light i’ll ever know
we are waltzing down the path to the only light we’ll ever know
Chalk Circles

All the birds are falling
Every muscle’s pumping
All the skin is stretching
Every stain is spreading

I’m drawing circles on the floor
and something bad is gonna happen

All the birds are thrashing
Every muscle is straining
All the skin is tearing
Every stain is spreading

I’ve drawn a circle on the floor
and something bad is gonna happen

all the birds are shrieking
all the pretty pistons pumping
every tongue is splitting
All the milk is turning
every muscle’s burning

Oh lord,something awful’s gonna happen

who has come now
what have I done now
can my mouth shape her name
can my throat push it out
will anyone hear if I shout

will anyone care if I scream
as she turns all my prayers into steam

I wanted her dead
now she stands by my bed
and I’ll never get out of this dream

I drew a circle on the floor
and got all that I asked for
and then I got so much more
Rarer Things

The meat is fresh
but sours on my tongue
it dies again in my mouth
it toughens in my guts
In my mind a noose of gristle hangs
I need to eat of rarer things

Throw ash on the plates
throw the plates on the floor
pull the cloth from the table
search the place behind the door
and scent the air for terror
search the attic search the cellar
till you find that something rarer

A slice of cake
a slice of calf
no one tells me what I can have
I’ve swallowed women down with whiskey
the blue bonnet
the blue sash wearer
I’m in need of something rarer

I’ve stuck my fingers into honey
I’ve slapped and twisted
but always resisted

but the noose of gristle in my head
closes on a rose of red
I pulled her from beneath the bed
the angels sang inside my heart
when I ate the rarest part
Track Name: WE ARE NOT LIKE YOU (full band)
We Are Not Like You

We are not like you
we have knives for each other’s throats
we have black eyes and great coats
death comes for us every day
and we never die
for lot is life

there were those once who were bigger than we
who bought and sold us
but now we are bigger than the night
and they will throw themselves on our knives
they will hang themselves from the nooses we’ve made of our lives

and we are not like you
we are not the same
there are no rules for our game
we are not like you
your hands slip right through us
there is nothing of us you can tame

our lot is life
we speak secret words
we shrug off your smiles
we eat up your bile
and turn all our secrets to birds

we sang out our names
to all the dead stars
and they sang them back
filled with the memory
of the light they once cast
we’ll see you all die
one by one
to the last

our backs are rent
where our wings
tore through
but you’ll never see them
because we are not like you

we are not like you
we are not the same
we fly over the fields
where your horses went lame
with our teeth we twist up your hearts and your names
we are not like you
we are not the same
you won’t find me there

I own the light
I bend the night
I am the brick and the mortar
my left builds the bridge
my right gives the order
and i am steam
the night is lean
it’s meaning clear

I turn up my collar and disappear

the mouth will swallow up my suit
I am the color of any color
I will waltz with a woman
and she will forget my name
my seed will swim back to the earth
or cool and die on an indifferent thigh
I’ll hike up the dress of the evening
and have my way with the night.
the cracks are bigger than me
there is no name for what i bleed
her hand slips through my hand
she cannot see my sneer

I turn up my collar and I disappear

the rain cannot touch me
because i’m not there
I speak not
and sing not
for I drink no air
electricity dances on the grayest matter
the vault of my skull is the whole of the firmament
and the stars are the sparks that move me
there is a cobblestone alley
that runs through my chest
a boiler room pumps in the heart of my breast
the night is calm
the night is clear

I turn up my collar and I disappear
Track Name: CALL OUT
Call out

Call out
Break your pipes
tear your chords

I could be happy with some tears
maybe get back all the years

If I could make your words spill from you like blood
I would drink them up

If you could hit me square
I might breathe again

If you cursed me and read out a list of my sins
my blood might run again

If you stabbed me
it would be better than a kiss

If you pushed the pistol beneath my chin
I could believe in love again

If all you ever felt for me was hate
It’d be like flowers on my grave

If you would set me alight
then I would know there was fire in you too

Just call out, just call out
and I will call back
I will find you
I will find you
Strength and Pride

My father has grey eyes
My mother has pale skin
My sister has red hair
I, myself, am thin and fair

Way out beyond the field
Way out beyond the track
I swear to god if you cut us
I swear to god we bleed black

We share secrets deep
And souls of mud
And just beneath the skin
We share a dark, dark blood

Hear the waters run with fever
And hate grows amongst the weeds
A murder thrives amongst the trees

The rain it smells of gasoline
Amongst the forest black and loam
The flowers writhe and scream

My father’s hands are viscous
My mother’s teeth are sharp
My sister’s nimble fingers
Deftly tie the knot
And I, myself, am thin and dumb
But my eyes are sharp as knife points
When my prey begins to run

Are secrets are stained with powder burns
From pistols that we shot
We stand up tall and ugly
When the wind begins to rot
For our birthright’s filth and mud
Just beneath the skin
We share a dark, dark blood

The river’s choked up with bones here
And fear grows amongst the weeds
And the black trees keep the secrets
Of the bodies in the leaves

Their hands are bound with twine
Their heads are wrapped in sheets

The sun decays and radiates
An awful evil heat

There is no greed within us
We only kill what we can eat

In the wicket heat
All things must die
And bloat and split and burst
Among these ripe and fetid things
It’s man who stinks the worst

There is strength and pride
Amongst me and mine
There’s death in the day
And death in the night time
Out here among the slash pines
The moon is drowned in mud
And just beneath the skin
We share a dark, dark, blood
Burn Down My Home

The walls soak it up
the flecks of tar
the spleen
the smoke that poured from our broken throats

The bed is ripe with it
the fractured sleep
the stale fuck
desire undone
that’s where it begins

This is my home
the flora the flesh
god, it smells of home
but god, the air tastes worse than death

No one can kill me but me
I will honor what’s left
and take my last breath
and burn down my home