Walled Garden

by Stranger Killings

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released February 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Stranger Killings Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Twining

hearts of bone and
sallow skin
the hidden heart
the hidden sin
when they take away/remove their fans
they take away/remove their faces
flesh that hides
and bone that laces
they remove us from their sight
they cover up their eyes
flesh obscures
the blood that ties when they take away their fans they take away their faces
defrocked of shade they leave no traces
a picture of siamese twins
hiding their hearts and
hiding their sins
the light scorns
the eye dissects
the truth of what
their hearts reject
that they cannot
fill their empty spaces
when they take away their fans
they take away their faces
Track Name: King Me
I am king me
I am plaster ghost
and holy host
tooth and throat
and will to choke
I am queen steam
and magdeline
I am naked ear
and hands that tremble with the air
I am king rend
and clay friend
and weak spend
I am queen skin
and cup spilled
and blood chilled
I chain thee
I claim thee
you are mine
I am king
I am queen bleed
hot fat
bone lead
bone fed
bone meal
bone black
bone kneel
I am king me
Track Name: Ugly Balance
Ugly Balance

I shook the hand
and burned the man
walked a dry and arid land
I struck an ugly balance
in ash and sand
I made a face
of ruin and waste
left a candle in my place
I wore a tarnished golden band
I struck an ugly balance and
turned the earth to
blood and sand
I stand as men
I shake as man
I burned the
pale and listless hand
I cleave the shame
into a face
I left a figure
in my place
who shares his shape with me
I burned the flesh of memory
but place and time came back to me
I struck an ugly balance
between the sky and sea
I shook the man
and burned the sand
and led a mad and tuneless band
for I was never born to die
but slip between the earth and sky
I drew the swords
to hold my place
reversing cups
obscure my face
I strike an ugly balance
in iron blood and lace
I strike the bell
I strike the chest
I carve the face
I strike the ugly balance
of men and man and place.
I let the hour pass
I burn the sand to glass
and strike an ugly balance
of men and man and mass
Track Name: We Are Not Like You
We Are Not Like You

We are not like you
we have knives for each other’s throats
we have black eyes and great coats
death comes for us every day
and we never die
for lot is life

there were those once who were bigger than we
who bought and sold us
but now we are bigger than the night
and they will throw themselves on our knives
they will hang themselves from the nooses we’ve made of our lives

and we are not like you
we are not the same
there are no rules for our game
we are not like you
your hands slip right through us
there is nothing of us you can tame

our lot is life
we speak secret words
we shrug off your smiles
we eat up your bile
and turn all our secrets to birds

we sang out our names
to all the dead stars
and they sang them back
filled with the memory
of the light they once cast
we’ll see you all die
one by one
to the last

our backs are rent
where our wings
tore through
but you’ll never see them
because we are not like you

we are not like you
we are not the same
we fly over the fields
where your horses went lame
with our teeth we twist up your hearts and your names
we are not like you
we are not the same
Track Name: Shinju

bend in the heat
a filthy field of rippling cloth
fleshly smooth and beastly soft

what’s death by any other name
but a shade without a flame

of crepe and lace
sweet eye like an orchid
in the mouth of your bloated face
an eye like hate

what’s death by any other name
but a shade without a flame

with semen reek
come like flowers on the skin
lovers hands in twin
sever veins and stab at life again

what’s death by any other name
but a shade without a flame

in a riot of red
from a fount of mutual death
lilies as eyes and white skull’s grin
bloody red orchids absolving their sins

my lover in bloom
in bloody red clots
my lover in sackcloth
my lover in rot
Track Name: Nauseous Lovers
nauseous lovers

see me through
the night
low light lives
they bring ichorous flowers
of flux and black holding them up to see the blood rise
sticking their fingers in each others eyes

they carve away their shadows
lying bare in cadaverous light
and with squalid hearts debase
the tenderest embrace
and temp the mouth to bite

they bare their love like wounds
they hold their breath and swoon

he kisses her
she kisses back
flowers of blood and spleen and black

tongues that carve the blackest hours
limbs are pinioned by the bowers
to sink in squalid embrace
the tar they force their mouths to taste
Track Name: See a Dirty Cloud
See a dirty cloud

“Hush, Hush baby, see the pretty clouds in the water
Hush, hush, my sweet, see the pretty clouds
I am a stone of skin and bone that’s all
of blood and bone that’s all
that’s all, that’s all that’s all
Hush, Hush baby, see the pretty fish in the water ( be a pretty fish in the water)
I am a stone of skin and bone that’s all, that’s all
I am a crone of skin and bone
I’ll sink to the bottom like a stone
set me free, set me free, set me free.”